Protective Services Public Health Response

Posted on February 6, 2020

Yesterday afternoon an urgent meeting was called between Protective Services and your Union to discuss the Queensland Health’s response to the coronavirus.

This meeting was attended by your delegates Paul Lessmann, Adam Davis and Ian McCrostie as well as your organiser Cameron Watson.

Protective Services has had a request from Queensland Health for officers to provide security services in line with the Public Health Act 2005 in response to the coronavirus as Emergency Officers (General).

This request proves just how important the work you do is and how vital you are as frontline staff in responding to this emergency. Protective Services should the preferred providers for all of government’s security needs. Only you have the skills and training required to meet the demands of this work. We will use this as an example of why you deserve better classifications and remuneration in your upcoming Classification and Rank review that we won in your enterprise bargaining.

Your union will monitor how this request progresses. We understand an EOI has gone out today and that these roles will be filled on a volunteer basis – if this changes we have already stated to the Service that we will require an urgent meeting.

Any member who volunteers will be provided with the appropriate PPE and procedures to be undertaken to reduce and minimise the associated risks.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding these duties please don’t hesitate to contact me at or speak with one of your delegates.

The work you do is skilled and important and needs to be recognised as such. We will continue fighting in 2020 for the respect and recognition of members in Protective Services.

1800 177 244