Protective Services: Protected Industrial Action starts tomorrow – ties off from midnight!

Posted on October 3, 2019

With your Protected Action Ballot an overwhelming success Together has notified the Commissioner of members' intentions to commence action from 12:01AM Friday October 4 2019. We have notified the Commissioner of the following actions that will be taken statewide for an indefinite period of time:

  • a ban on wearing uniform ties
  • wearing Together stickers and/or badges
  • a ban on completing training
  • a ban on accepting higher duties that are less than three shifts

If members have any questions about these Protected Industrial Actions then please contact your organisers at

Send through your best badge ideas as members ramp up their campaign.

An urgent bargaining meeting has been scheduled for 2:00pm today - delegates will report back after the meeting.

Protected Industrial Action means that if you are a union member then you have the right to take this action without detriment or adverse action taken against you.

This morning Superintendent Hill has sent an email to Protective Services staff regarding the Industrial Action. In this email and attached word document Superintendent Hill raises a number of potential impacts that your actions will have to the Service  - the Industrial Action is already working and it hasn't yet commenced. It is clear that the threat of action alone is having an impact so now is the time to keep up the pressure. Together delegates have been negotiating for a number of months now in good faith yet still no offer has been put on the table by the Service.

The Superintendent suggests in his briefing note that Together has ceased bargaining. That is not the case, because of the lack of offer and movement on the important issues impacting members in Protective Services your delegates made the decision to seek the assistance of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to help conciliate which is like supervised negotiation meetings. Together members are trying to achieve a fair deal for Protective Services Officers who are no getting the pay and conditions you deserve!

In his email Superintendent Hill claims that your Industrial Actions may expose individuals to prosecution – this is an intimidation tactic by the Service and is not good faith bargaining. Your union is concerned by these statements. Members should not be intimidated by their employer for being a member of their union. Being a union member is not a crime.

Show your solidarity and send photos of you and your fellow members without their ties on to to post on Together's social media.

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