Protect jobs, don't cut them

Posted January 25, 2012 by Alex Scott

In its Mid-Year Financial Review the state government announced that it was extending the Voluntary Separations Program (VSP) to include another 1,500 positions.

This means there will be a total of 5,000 jobs cut across the Queensland public service.

We've seen similar job cuts across other states: New South Wales (5000 jobs cut), Victoria (3600 jobs), and South Australia (3743 jobs), among others.

Even though the VSP is certainly a great opportunity for individual workers whose personal situation enables them to take a separation package, the matter of job security is of paramount importance to members of your union.

No workers should be forced to leave their position - whoever wants to stay should be able to, and overall workloads should not increase. I have said this consistently since the program began last year.

This issue is of key importance to members, which is why I have already asked the political leaders what their plans are for the future of the public sector.

The full responses from the leaders of the political parties are being sent via post to all members. There are strong commitments from them - in particular a pledge for no forced redundancies.

The 'no forced redundancies' promise is a welcome commitment from all sides, but any promise is only as good as the intention behind it.

Politicians' attitudes often change rapidly after they are elected or re-elected - so we need to be prepared to remind them of their promises and get the community on side in a campaign to protect jobs and services.

As the state election campaign begins all union members must be ready to build community support for investing in quality public services and the work that you do for Queensland's communities.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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