Privatisation will mean a one-term government.

Posted April 15, 2013 by Alex Scott

If the Newman government go to an election seeking a mandate for privatisation, they will lose.

We can expect privatisation of a range of public services to go on the agenda – such as corrections, health, schools, housing, child safety, disability services and more – when the Newman government publicly releases the Costello Audit Commission report, along with its response, at the end of this month.

Together members will be fighting to protect quality public services from privatisation alongside members of other unions and the Queensland Council of Unions.

On 10 May the government will be holding a summit in Mackay to develop its plan for Queensland’s future. Thousands of Working for Queenslanders supporters have already signed the petition to make sure quality public services are part of that plan: add your support here and use the online tools to encourage your friends to do the same!

Watch this video from independent MP Carl Judge about how we can give the community a voice for quality services at the Mackay summit.

A new union poll shows that the Newman government would lose office in an election seeking a mandate for privatisation, and that Queenslanders are overwhelmingly opposed to any privatisation of public services.

This tells us that your campaign is having a real impact – and we can win.

The Newman government know this too. That’s why they are on the run, launching desperate public attacks on union members. We expect in the near future they will go even further by introducing legislation into Parliament to strip away payroll deduction for union fees, to try to hurt your campaign and union members’ ability to win.

But we can’t allow ourselves to be distracted. Here’s what you can do to keep up the pressure: sign up to Working for Queenslanders if you haven’t already, sign the petition and get ready to be involved in other local campaign activities in your area over the coming week!

You can learn more about the next steps in our campaign and insights from the recent poll at a special teleconference briefing this Friday 19 April. Registration is essential - click here to register.

Let’s keep going – Queenslanders are on your side.

PS. Time is running out for public sector members to change the way you pay your fees. If you are still paying your fees by payroll deduction, or you know a member who is, you can change over via our secure online form here.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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