Privatisation of health services

Posted on January 23, 2015

Yesterday the LNP tipped its hand on privatisation of health services.

Last election Campbell Newman promised to revitalise front line services and instead he cut 24,000 public sector jobs including almost 5000 front line health workers. We know that we can expect more job cuts from the LNP after the election if they are returned to government.

Here's the latest media on the LNP's health job cuts. 

Now he’s saying he’s going to restore some of these jobs, but the fine print shows that as usual the LNP’s real agenda is outsourcing jobs to the private sector. We have seen at the LCCH what this leads to. 

Former Assistant Minister for Health, Dr Chris Davis, knows as well as anyone what the LNP’s real agenda is for privatisation and you can see his views and help put them on the TV here.

Together members have been lobbying political parties for many months about the risks of privatisation for patients and workers and at a recent forum Together doctors again highlighted the serious risks of privatisation of services like Pathology.

The ALP made commitments at that forum to suspend all contestability processes immediately and that an ALP government will not privatise Pathology Queensland.

The Australian Greens health policy also includes commitment to a publicly-funded health with a skilled, well-resourced workforce.

There are still 8 days to make a difference to whether health services are privatised or cut further. You can make phone calls every evening, knock on doors on weekends and letterbox your street. Email to make a difference.

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