Private Sector News - September 2017

Posted on September 15, 2017

Congratulations to Qantas members for winning the 2017 ACTU Jennie George award! Read on for this and more stories in you September Union news.

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Let's #ChangeTheRules in our outdated workplaces

Our workplaces have not kept up with the demands of modern family life. Many of us have parenting duties and caring responsibilities and often do both. We are finding it more and more difficult to juggle the demands of work and family.

Despite this, the laws that govern our workplaces do not support us when it comes time to put those family responsibilities before work.

As union members, we believe all workers should have the right to secure, part time hours, when they need them, with a right to go back to their previous hours and job.

Union members across Australia are standing together to win this right for workers.

To win this right, we need personal stories from union members and workers from every type of workplace, with all types of caring/parenting scenarios, so the Fair Work Commission knows what modern work is like for parents and carers.

Can you complete this survey to share your story?

Life is not all about work - and our workplaces should reflect this. Share your story and be part of the campaign to #ChangeTheRules to make sure our workplaces start to reflect the demands of modern family life.

Our Qantas Members win the Jennie George award 2017

The Jennie George award is an Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) annual award; presented to union members for their contributions to women’s advancement in unions.

Our Qantas members received this award because in their recent EB negotiations for Qantas ASU 11 – Qantas members took action and won the following:

  • Inclusion of a new clause that provides employees with up to 10 days paid leave where they are experiencing domestic or family violence as defined in ASU EA 11 and subject to the notice and evidence requirements in this clause being met.
  • Parental Leave increase of two weeks’ base salary - paid directly into the employee’s nominated superannuation account.
  • Negotiated to see superannuation paid for staff while on parental leave.
  • Changed the agreement to ensure fairness, equity and access for all categories of employees – part time, full time and job share, and employees on flexible work agreements

Union members at Qantas are leading the way! They are ensuring that their workplace advances everyone equally, these conditions were not just given to staff, union members worked hard to secure them by holding meetings and staying informed while being prepared to act. They have broken the glass ceiling and you too can do this in your workplace!

It takes everyone at work to ensure you and your colleagues see improvements in your conditions at work. Well done to our Qantas members!!

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