Private Sector News - October 2017

Posted on October 13, 2017

Welcome to the October edition of Your Union News!

The Australian superannuation system is the envy of much of the world and its under threat by new laws proposed by the federal government. 

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An update from QantasLink delegates


With only 27 employees in Customer Service Delivery, QantasLink (Sunstate) is one of the smallest teams within the Qantas Group. Located at Brisbane Domestic Airport, the predominant role of QantasLink employees is to board flights whilst maintaining On Time Performance targets, with attention to Safety and commitment to exceptional Customer Care.

Whilst we are only a small team, we play a large role in managing 45 – 60 departures every day of the year. Even though QantasLink is a regional brand of Qantas, our team not only manages flights to and from regional centres, but also to Sydney, Adelaide, Cairns, Canberra and Newcastle.

Our current Enterprise Agreement is due to expire January 1st, 2018. We started our campaign with only 4 - 5 Together ASU members; however our team is now successful in achieving a membership base of 50%. This was achieved by engaging all employees while we compiled our Log of Claims, and subsequent one on one Endorsement Meetings. During these meetings, each employee was given an explanation of all topics in our Log of Claims before declaring their personal endorsement. An outstanding 92% endorsement rate has been achieved.

It may be a large Log of Claims, but our team at QantasLink has fallen behind Qantas employees who perform similar duties and who are covered by Qantas Airways EBA 11. This may be the main reason employees are becoming involved in our upcoming negotiations and ‘even the playing field.’ Some employee claims simply involve correct interpretation of conditions already in our current Enterprise Agreement, whilst other claims ask for similar work practices and entitlements as given to Customer Service Delivery employees covered by EBA 11.

Predominant topics expressed by employees as being most important to them include issues of rostering, annual leave notification, job security, position description updates with appropriate remuneration, and various entitlements similar to employees covered by Qantas Airways EBA 11.

Our next stage is approaching whereby we submit our Log of Claims to management and begin our negotiating process.  With the interest and support already demonstrated by our team, unsurpassed by any of our previous enterprise agreement negotiations, we are certainly in the best position to succeed with many of our claims.  Watch this space…

Joanne Anderson - Together QantasLink Delegate 

Turnbull wants to let banks into your super

Next week, our federal politicians head back to Canberra for another sitting week, and this time Malcolm Turnbull has got his eyes on your superannuation.

Australia’s Industry Super system is ranked number 3 in the world - we’ve created a world class system that means many Australian workers can retire comfortably. One of the reason Australia’s super system works so well for working people is because your voice is represented on the boards of Industry Super funds.

Working people are at the table when our industry super funds make big decisions on where to invest our money. In the next 10 years, up to $20 billion of our money will be invested in projects across the country - so it's important we have a say.

But now, Malcolm Turnbull wants to hand over your super to the big banks, giving even more money to the powerful and taking it away from working people.

The government will propose new laws that reduce the say we have over our super and let the banks get a foot in the door. Superannuation should be not-for-profit - banks should not be allowed into super.

Teacher’s Union Health is for union members

TUH offers Together members and their families competitive private health packages and pricing and superior preventative health services too. All profits go back into providing better services for their members.

Click here for more information on TUH. 

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