Private Sector News - November 2018

Posted on November 15, 2018

Welcome to your November Private Sector news. Jetstar member have had a great win in recent weeks - but we also know that the rules are broken and need to change. If you're in Brisbane, make sure you're at the Rally to Change the Rules next week.

Read on for more news happening in your union.


Jetstar members WHS win

Congratulations Delegates and members at Jetstar Coolangatta Airport!

Here’s what Together delegate Mel had to say about it:

“Leithan and myself had the opportunity of leading our Jetstar members to cease unsafe work, we lodged 40 workplace health and safety forms and are now pushing for a safer workplace!”

Within three days Jetstar and the Gold Coast Airport offered a resolution to address the safety concerns that union members raised. Here is how they did it:

  1. They got organised - they now have 80% of their staff in their union, they grew by 5 new union members. 
  2. They took collective action - all members completed a WHS form and voted to cease unsafe work.
  3. This forced their senior managers to meet and resolved the issue. 

Sounds easy? Sometimes it really is but other times workers can be butting their head up against a wall continuously.

It’s not always good news here in the Union Office.

Despite the effort that staff, delegates and members put into workplaces and groups of members it doesn’t always pan out the way we would all like. Each month we share all the good news stories about what amazing workers have achieved. I want to be realistic and ensure that you all understand that it isn’t always rosy nor is it easy for workers.

Take our members in Blue Care for example. For 2 years now their agreement has been expired. Blue Care has refused to bargain with their Administrative and Allied Health employees for 2 years now. Our members have tried tirelessly to get Blue Care to come to the table and bargain.

Unfortunately the only way an employer can be forced to bargain is by 51% of the workforce signing a pledge to state that they want their employer to bargain with them. This is the only option available to workers under the current industrial legislation under the Fair Work Commission. To our Blue Care members and many other workers is Australia this is just one of the many rules within our industrial relations system that is broken.

All across Australia over the last few weeks workers have been coming together at major ‘Change the Rules’ rally’s to send a message to politicians and the federal government that the current rules for working people in Australia are broken.

Big Business and government have systematically put steps in place to destabilise workers and they have succeeded. As workers we have gradually lost fairness and justice in Australian workplaces and this needs to change.

We should all have access to a living wage not just a minimum wage. The rules are broken and need to be changed!

Bargaining shouldn’t be limited to just an enterprise/company or workplace. The rest of the world has moved on and are bargaining by industry. The rules are broken and need to be changed!!

Contract and casual workers should have the choice to be converted to permanent. The current laws don’t allow for this. The rules are broken and need to be changed!

Women in Australia face a 14.6% pay gap from their male counterparts. The rules are broken and need to be changed!

Women will retire with half the amount of Super as men. The rules are broken and need to be changed!

Join the Together Facebook group to connect with other members in your sector and learn what others are doing to change the rules! 


rally_nationbuilder-slider.pngProfits are through the roof. CEO pay keeps going up. Big Business isn't paying its fair share of tax - 1-in-5 Big Australian Companies have paid ZERO tax in the last 3 years. The cost of living is racing away, but wages have gone nowhere - increasing only 1.5% in real terms over the last five years. 

The rules are broken and Australian workers are getting stiffed. It is time to Change the Rules! 

Come on Tuesday 20 November and show the LNP and their friends in the Big End of Town that we won't stand for it any longer. It is the people who make the rules and it is the people who will hange the Rules.


Member Benefits - Maurice Blackburn free will

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Being a Together member is a great way to target issues that are affecting you and your colleagues, and work towards a resolution in a timely way. If there are things in your workplace you and your colleagues would like to see changed or improved, please contact your organisers so we can discuss the steps that need to be taken to achieve this.

If you have questions about your workplace, you can contact your union on 1800 177 244 or for advice on your entitlements and other workplace matters.

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