Premier – it’s not a “fix” unless you deliver pay for public servants.

Posted July 11, 2013 by Together Queensland

What a week!

First the Newman government gave all politicians 41% pay increases, claiming they had “no choice” because the independent tribunal recommended it and the law said they had to take it.

People were outraged – thousands of Queenslanders signed a petition – and our union pointed out that not only was the government warned over 12 months ago that the law was causing a problem, the independent tribunal specifically recommended that Queensland MPs’ pay rates be decoupled from their federal counterparts.

This sent the government into a tailspin – they were left unable to answer key questions: why were they refusing to change the law to stop their own wage increase, when they had already changed the laws so many times to take away the conditions of public servants? Why are the people who deliver services to Queensland's community forced to argue in court about an increase when the politicians give massive wage rises to themselves?

Send a message to Campbell – any increase for politicians has to be matched with a backdated increase for the hardworking public servants who need one now.

Now, we hear the government wants to “fix” this debacle.

According to some media reports, politicians’ pay increase will be backdated to 1 July. If the Premier wants to backdate his own pay, he must immediately deliver a backdated increase to public servants.

The decision lies in the hands of Campbell Newman. Will he give his workforce what he gives himself or will he continue the hypocrisy?

Keep signing the petition, keep spreading the word, and keep supporting public servants.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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