Police staff cuts a tragedy for Queensland

Posted October 31, 2011 by Alex Scott

The Government, without consultation, has announced a policy to cut 250 police staff positions in order to fund the recent pay increase achieved by sworn officers during arbitration. Seven percent of police staff positions will disappear, and an even greater percentage of services will disappear.

This is a decision that will hurt workers, hurt the quality of the service, and trash the reforms that the Fitzgerald Inquiry recommended twenty years ago.

Until this announcement, Queensland politicians had a bipartisan commitment to a Queensland Police Service that includes a strong unsworn staff component. The abandonment of this commitment will put more pressure on sworn officers, reduce the resources available for frontline police, and hurt the safety of our community.

The cutting of Queensland jobs will be achieved primarily through voluntary separation packages - even though the Government had previously promised that frontline jobs would not be at risk due to its voluntary separation program.

Our union has announced a campaign to pressure the Government to reverse this decision and provide the funding the Police Service needs to continue to deliver the services our community deserves.

If you have questions about how this process will affect you, you can email police@together.org.au


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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