Police: Communication Room Operators and Policelink review

Posted on September 16, 2021

In your last enterprise bargaining process union members won the right to have a review of your roles. On Tuesday, this week your Delegates came together to talk about getting this process started to ensure we are organized and clear about what members would like to see come from this review.

We agreed the first step is that we need to hear from you, we need to know what you feel needs to be prioritized in this review.

We have two important questions for you in these beginning stages:

Send your feedback here

We are asking for your feedback by COB Friday 1 October. From here we will collate members feedback and develop the list of priorities for this review. Your local Delegates will also be having conversations with members in their workplaces to gather member feedback.

We have seen some fantastic results for Together members in QPS recently with the classification upgrades for AO2s and the reviews of other administrative roles. We know this is a real opportunity for members in Communication Rooms and Policelink to also achieve some positive changes to your roles. To make sure members can achieve the best possible outcomes we need to ensure we have a strong union in every workplace. That is why we are asking all members to talk to your colleagues and let them know what is happening, encourage anyone who is not yet a member to become a member, and if you are interested in becoming more active in your workplace and joining you existing delegates as a delegate then please let Cameron and I know by email police@together.org.au.

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