Planned HPDOCA and EB10 joint Day Of Action for wages

Posted on August 23, 2019

We have an important update for our HPDOCA members about a planned day of action coming up – action our members are taking to ensure we don't receive a lower wage offer than other government workers. 

Wages were discussed again at yesterday's EB negotiations.  Although the government recently offered teachers 2.5% plus a $1250 "sign-on bonus", unfortunately we are still being told that government will only offer us 2.5% - with no $1250 sign-on bonus!

Department of Health has said it is fair to offer us less than was offered to the Teachers. Our members are telling us this is grossly unfair. 

We are not worth less than other workers.

Right now, if we take action as a strong union we can win a fairer wage offer and make sure we're not treated as second class government workers. 

Proposed Day of Action with HPDOCA and EB10 members – early September

Our EB10 members' agreement will expire at the end of next week and they will be able to take protected industrial action after that time. To try to shift the wages offer our EB10 members have decided to vote for a range of possible stop-work actions to prepare for a day of action on a single day during the first two weeks of September.

EB10 members will have received their Protected Action Ballot today.

But as HPs Dental Officers and Clinical Assistants we can also join the campaign and stand up for fair wages.

Your HPDOCA Together steering committee delegates have agreed for our HPs DOs and Clinical Assistants members to campaign together with our EB10 members on the day of action. While HPDOCA members can’t take the same stop work action as EB10 members (until our Agreement expires on 16 October) we can still campaign alongisde them on the day of action.

We will be talking with our HPDOCA members in the next couple of weeks about what campaign actions you decide to take on the day of action. Now is the time to get all your colleagues on board as members to join in the day of action to win a fairer wages offer.

Bargaining report back

Yesterday, with our HPDOCA bargaining team, I attended another round of negotiations for your new agreement.

As well as wages, we also discussed HP/Nursing pay equity in multidisciplinary roles. The principle of equal pay for equal work for HP/Nursing roles was one that was supported by all parties including QLD Health and QNMU. Department of Health have agreed that something needs to be done in this space.

Other claims included the needs for greater consultation in relation to Federal or state funding programs, and argued for a limitation on the duration and complexity of organisational changes in Queensland Health.   

Next steps

By standing together as Health workers we can make the government provide a fairer wages offer, and then keep on campaigning for other important improvements to our conditions.

But we will only be successful if everyone joins the campaign.  Only union members can take part in the campaign actions coming up. Ask your colleagues to join for a fairer wages offer.

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