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Posted December 5, 2011 by Julie Bignell

Your Payroll Working Group had their first teleconference on 1 December 2011

Your representatives are all very excited to participate in negotiations on your behalf and look forward to doing their best to ensure this agreement is fair and equitable for all.

As the two $2500 payments are the most imminent, the Delegates discussed how the payment would be calculated and who would be entitled to receive it.

After tabling feedback from members around the state, we have written to QHealth senior management requesting that:

  • Part-time, Long-term leave and those with less than 12 months service in substantive payroll position holders will be paid a pro rata amount.
  • This pro rata amount will be calculated as below:
    • First payment 01.12.2011 - 12 months from 01.12.2010 to 30.11.2011
    • Second payment 01.07.2012 - 12 months from 01.07.2011 to 30.06.2012

Qhealth have advised the December payment will be paid to eligible staff in the pay week 14 December.

In addition, the Working Group will be meeting on the 07 & 08 December to discuss the progression process.  Qhealth has supplied draft documents to begin the process.  Your Working Group representatives have these documents and we would encourage you discuss your ideas with your representatives who are listed below.

So please, give us your ideas, thoughts and feedback so we can get the ball rolling!
Your Working Group representatives

Brisbane Metro
Cathie Bridge
Christine Graham
Brendan Law
Alana Pasteur
Peter Robertson
Kath  Shamier

Central Qld
Maree Sowden
We are awaiting the outcome of a further ballot for the 2nd position (3 members tied for the 2nd position)

Gold Coast
Di Sewell

Tarynn Potter

North Qld
Deanna Ayers
Rachel Butler

South West
Helen Langford
Alison Zeller

Sunshine Coast
Susan Meyers
Debra Thomas


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