Payroll Staff Proposal Update

Posted March 5, 2012 by Julie Bignell

In this update: Caretaker Mode | John Cairns Resignation | Progression from AO3 to AO4 : Senior Payroll Specialist | Filling of vacant AO3 positions through Specified Advertising | AO2 Progression to AO3 | Direct Appointment of Temporary Staff |  Higher Duties Direct Appointment

1. Caretaker Mode
It is our view that Caretaker Mode does not apply in this matter as we already have agreement to the Payroll Proposal and it is just the implementation. We are currently waiting for Qhealth’s view on this matter.

2. John Cairns Resignation
We do not believe this will have any impact on the implementation as the Director General has already appointed Lynn Rowland as the Acting DDG HR and John is in the process of giving a comprehensive hand over to Lynn Rowland.

3. Clause 3 - Progression from AO3 to AO4 : Senior Payroll Specialist
Qhealth Payroll has looked at the proposal you all voted on and they have put together options (including those matters that can be agreed to) the Director of Payroll and that will need to be approved by Lynn Rowland.

4. Clause 4 - Filling of vacant AO3 positions through Specified Advertising
This project is subject to Clause 3 being completed.

5. Clause 5 - AO2 Progression to AO3
We are waiting on a proposal from Qhealth into how this will be progressed.

6. Clause 6 - Direct Appointment of Temporary Staff
The reason for the hold up on this matter is that QHealth is unsure of how they are going to achieve this without having to advertise the positions. The previous round of conversions used an exception in the Directive 1/10 that allowed in the first 12 months the use of an EOI.  A proposal has been sent to the Public Service Commission and they are waiting a response. 

7. Clause 9 - Higher Duties Direct Appointment
All matters around this clause have been agreed and we are waiting on timeframes for the implementation of this clause.

We have written to John Cairns requesting timeframes for the above click here to see letter.  Qhealth has until 9 March 2012 to respond.

If you have any questions please contact your local payroll delegate or email


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