Payroll Delegates Negotiate with Premier's Department Representatives

Posted September 23, 2011 by Julie Bignell

Your Delegates yesterday met with representatives of the Premier's Department and Health Department after the Premier's agreement to intervene in the current classification dispute.  In attendance were both Director-Generals, and a number of other senior staff, alongside 14 Delegates from across the state, and Assistant General Secretary of Together, Julie Bignell.

At the outset, Delegates canvassed with management our disappointment that the original KPMG structure for payroll had not been adopted by management - this would have seen upgrades across the board and would have negated the need for our ongoing and lengthy negotiations.  However, in good faith, your representatives engaged in a wide-ranging discussion about progression arrangements, outlining some of the very real practical problems that exist across payroll sites due to the lack of workforce planning on the part of management.

Significant ground was covered, with general agreement that progression to the AO4 level should be based on personal progression after meeting objective criteria, which can be determined with the assistance of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.  Delegates noted that the terminology used to date (Advanced Payroll Officer) had caused a lot of confusion and conflict amongst staff needlessly, as what we really seek is a positive process to recognise the skills that our members use at work every day.

There was discussion around the method of progression overall for payroll staff across all sites, as well as other incentives that we believe should be made available to all payroll staff to continue to work in what is a very difficult work environment.

Delegates have also made the point that that there is a number of staff who have been acting in higher duties positions for long periods of time, and we would like to see those members given the opportunity of a direct appointment.  Additionally, Delegates advised that there is still a great deal of concern about ongoing workload and stood up for the right of our members who are temporary staff to be offered permanency on the basis previously discussed - i.e. personal tenure.

We got a reasonable hearing from management, and we hope to be able to provide a recommended resolution to members next week if a positive response is forthcoming from management.  If we are unable to achieve this, it was resolved that Delegates would demand a further meeting direct with the Premier in an attempt to finalise this dispute.

Congratulations to all Delegates who have provided valuable feedback from members over the last few weeks, and who have been persuasive supporters of our members during this process in these meetings with management.  We will advise members as soon as we receive a response from management of the way forward.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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