The passing of the bill and what comes next

Posted on June 5, 2015

You may have already seen the news: last night the Queensland Parliament voted to restore fairness to public sector workplaces. 

This could not have happened without you and every union member.

This bill gives workers like you the right to have a proper say in change at work. It restores employment security for public servants, it restores the ability of doctors to be able to bargain collectively instead of being forced onto individual contracts and most of all it undoes some of the worst attacks on workers that Queenslanders have ever seen. 

Well done to every person who contacted their MP, participated in Bring On The Vote activities and made this happen. 

Thank you to every MP who voted for this bill. It was great to see some of these MPs at our breakfast event this morning. Plenty of members used this opportunity to share their story about why this bill matters to them and thank those MPs for their support. You can see some photos from this morning here. 

This bill is just the start - the passing of this bill does not solve every problem for working people in Queensland.

What this bill does is present us with an opportunity - to organise for change in workplaces, to give workers like you and your colleagues a say, to be able to bargain for the things that matter and to rebuild our union. 

Now is the time for us to build on this moment: to make sure every politician knows what happens when workers like you stand collectively and to ask our colleagues who are not yet in our union tojoin us in this movement for a better life and a better Queensland. 

Once more, congratulations to every one of you who stood up, who acted collectively and who refused to accept the LNP attacks on your working conditions. This bill is a victory for you and for the better Queensland you all work so hard to build. 

You can see how your MP voted here. We'll be in touch soon with more details on how to say thank you to those MPs who voted to restore workers' rights and to call out those LNP MPs who  once again voted to ignore and attack public servants like you. 

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