PAH: Let's Rally

Posted November 17, 2014 by Kate Flanders

Come to a lunch time gathering this Wednesday at the front of the Hospital at 12:30pm.

Recently Qld Health asked the Industrial Relations Commission to intervene in our talks about their offer to you to cut your conditions, give new entry HPs a raw deal on increments and pay you below inflation wage increases.

We know that this government has cut HP and DO jobs and cut services to the community, making it harder for you to do your jobs and provide the quality of services you want to. We know that this will reduce the quality of services to Queenslanders even further into the future.

You all said no to that here at PA and put in your ballot forms.

Now the Commission process has started, your ballots won't go ahead but we have 3 weeks to convince the Health negotiators and the Minister to offer you a better deal.

We have a 3 week window to put the maximum pressure on the government during this conciliation period to bring to the table a fair offer of wages and conditions for HPs and DOs to allow you to provide the best possible care.

Stand up for HPs, DOs, your colleagues and your patients this Wednesday at a Rally for a better deal.

Date: Wednesday 19 November
Time: 12:30 pm
Location: Front of the PA Hospital

Download the rally flyer here and bring your colleagues to make sure that QH and the government get the message. Talk to your colleagues about joining our union today – during this conciliation period all new HP and DO member fees will go towards putting ads on TV about quality health services! Recently we have run the fair pay ads paid for by public service member fees, which has got some attention! See it here.

See you Wednesday at lunch!


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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