Outsourcing update at Woodridge Housing Service Centre

Posted October 3, 2014 by Kayleen Dwyer

Your Together representatives met with the Department again to discuss the transition of Woodridge Housing Service Centre (HSC) to the Logan City Community Housing Limited (Compass is the employment entity).  The documents presented by HR DHPW at this first sub-committee can be readhere.

It is very disappointing that staff at Woodridge HSC have not been given any employment options by the Department.  Staff can either transfer across to the new employer or they don’t have a job.  No redeployment within the public sector has been made available, no transfers or offer of redundancies.  All staff are required and have employment with Logan City Community Housing.

We know that all staff are required. We also know that public housing should be delivered by the public sector.

Our position as Together members is that no outsourcing of public sector jobs and services should happen. Members have had a small win in that management and the NGO have agreed to most of our terms that were in the Together Statement of Claim. This industrial claim was overwhelmingly endorsed by members and is Together’s position when it comes to protecting the rights and entitlements of members when they are transferred to the Fair Work industrial relations jurisdiction which is what we are seeing happen at Woodridge.

This document was presented to the Minister and Director General for DHPW on behalf of members earlier this year. 

Unfortunately, whole of government or DHPW specific policies or procedures are not transferring across.  Your union representatives have sought further information from management at the next meeting on what the specific policies and procedures are that have been excluded. Your Together representatives will keep members informed on any further outcomes from future meetings with management.

Management have advised that what has been proposed at Woodridge Housing may not necessarily be the same outcome for other HSC’s who go through this process.

How would you feel if your HSC is outsourced using the same model as Woodridge?  What will it mean to you and your working life?

It is vital that at each and every HSC the majority of staff are in their union and can collectively have their voices heard in this process and not be dictated to by management via a negotiation process that becomes a commercial contract with a non-government organisation. 

Ask your co-workers who are not in their union to JOIN you today.  

Together we can make a difference.

Members are encouraged to provide feedback to the Together office by emailinghousing@together.org.au


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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