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Posted November 16, 2011 by Alex Scott

Attention all Together members in Central Queensland

In July 2011 the amalgamation of the former Queensland Public Sector Union and the Australian Services Union (Central and Southern Branch) created a new stronger union -  Together.

Together is now a union of nearly 40,000 members across Queensland. The amalgamation also delivers the combined physical and human resources of the two amalgamated unions. More resources for your campaigns for a fair deal at work.

For members in Central Queensland the amalgamation has delivered higher member numbers and extra regional organising staff. The central zone covers the area from Gympie to Rockhampton, the North and South Burnett and the Central West.

All union members can access expert industrial advice from your union office by phoning 1800 177 244.

The organising team for Together in our Central Queensland zone includes five regionally based organizers, working out of 3 office locations in Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Maryborough.

Your regional organising team in Central Queensland are:

Jim Nilon, Lead Organiser, based in Maryborough, Mob. 0407594754 or email Jim.Nilon@together.org.au

Ashleigh Saunders, Organiser, based in Rockhampton, Mob. 0419796467 or email Ashleigh.Saunders@together.org.au

Donna Webster, Organiser, based in Bundaberg, Mob. 0429010190 or email Donna.Webster@together.org.au

Ron Fossen, Organiser, based in Maryborough, Mob. 0408705153 or email Ron.Fossen@together.org.au

Bob Elphinstone, Lead Organiser, based in Bundaberg (Bob is currently on leave)

While each organiser will visit members in close proximity to their office location your organising team will also regularly conduct visits across the zone, including to the western corridor. You will also get to know some organizers across the zone who specialize in particular areas. In some instances organisers will work across the whole zone supporting each other as a team. This will particularly occur when the Union is mounting an industrial campaign, such as the recent EB8 health campaign.

Amalgamation has also delivered a voice on Together executive for Central Zone members, Ruth McFarlane, President of the ASU, Central and Southern and Branch, Senior Vice President of our new amalgamated union.  Ruth works for Queensland Health in Rockhampton and can be contacted at Ruth_McFarlane@health.qld.gov.au.

Where members seek Union assistance to resolve an individual industrial issue it is always best to contact our team of experienced industrial officers who are only a phone call away. Contact our union's experienced industrial staff on 1800177244.

Meanwhile, if you would like an organiser to come to your workplace or just wish to make contact please use the contact details above.

If you are unsure as to who would be the appropriate contact please ring or email Jim Nilon on 0407594754 or jim.nilon@together.org.au.

We look forward to getting to know the many thousands of members in our Central Queensland zone and growing our union even more in to the future.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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