Organisational changes at Blue Care

Posted on June 23, 2020

Members have reported that staff in a number of clusters have been made redundant on very short notice with no consultation. Your Enterprise Agreement states that Blue Care must consult regarding organisational change.

An email was sent to staff (see here) but at this stage management has made no attempt to consult with union members on the impacts of these changes or how they intend to minimise impacts on staff. 

Your union has sent a letter to senior HR but as yet they have not responded in writing. When followed up with a phone call HR responded that they did not consider the redundancies to be of any significance and that there was no need to consult. 

Let us know what is happening in your workplace?

What do you think about Blue Care’s attitude that people losing their livelihoods is insignificant?

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Where to next?

We need to get Blue Care to listen to union members and provide adequate consultation to workers over these changes.

Sign the petition calling on management to comply with your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and consult in a meaningful way and work collaboratively through organisational change.

Make sure you ask your colleagues to sign also. We're stronger together.

We'll be holding a Zoom conference at 4pm on 30 June 2020 to discuss the next steps. Click here to join the meeting.

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