EB9: One week to go

Posted on August 25, 2016

EB9 Stand Up for Health WorkersAfter two weeks of negotiations with very little progress, we have finally had meaningful discussions with Queensland Health.

This week we discussed the importance of proper consultation with union members and the issues around contracting out. Thank you to everyone who contributed stories for the negotiating team – we used many of the examples in the discussion.

The good news from this week is that we got somewhere!

QH negotiators generally supported our proposal to develop a Business Planning Framework (BPF) over the life of the new agreement. If we have a framework that quantifies staffing levels in a way that prioritises service delivery,that would go a long way in ensuring workloads and vacancies are managed appropriately in our workplaces.

Management has been increasingly using “operational convenience” to refuse entitlements for staff. It was great to hear QH representatives indicate their support for a fairer process that includes backing up a decision with a written justification. It sounds like a little but could mean a lot!

It’s still early days but these are positive signs!

While these are positive steps forward, the clock is still ticking on our agreement. There is less than a week left until our current agreement expires (31 August). There are still so many important issues that are yet to be discussed. It is essential that we are active right now to show QH that we care about our rights, voice and protections at work. Together, we can make our workplaces better.

Next week members will be holding events across the state to send the message that QH needs to get a move on and keep negotiations positive. Look out for an event near you next week! If you haven’t heard about a Together EB9 event next week and you want to be part of something, get in touch with our organisers at health@together.org.au.

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