Change Proposals at Griffith

Posted on October 20, 2017

As we all know Griffith University is exploring major transformational change across all areas of its business with movements of those activities resulting in regular releases of workplace change proposals. With so much uncertainty around us, we would ask you to encourage your work colleagues who are not in the Union to join and so that we can work together to find alternative solutions that have a less negative effect on how workplace change is proposed and introduced.

Share this email so your colleagues can join Together Online.

The latest change proposal released to staff and Unions involves Office of Digital Solutions - Voice, Audio-visual & Video Conferencing Services.  Consultation concludes 2 November and for those wanting to provide feedback through our Union should forward any comments/concerns to by Monday 30 October. Click here to view the document in full.

*** Another Change Proposal!***
Late Friday afternoon, Griffith have sent through another change proposal - this time for the Office of Marketing and Communications. Consultation concludes 3 November and for those wanting to provide feedback through our Union should also forward any comments/concerns to by Monday 30 OctoberClick here to view the Office of Marketing and Communications document.

Should you need any assistance regarding this change proposal please contact your Union on 3017 6119 or for other advice call 1800 177 244.

1800 177 244