Offer for TAFE Educators - don't forget 30 July day of action.

Posted on July 29, 2019

Last Friday TAFE Queensland finally made an offer to members to settle negotiations for the TAFE Educator Agreement.

You can see the offer here.

While the offer is very light on detail there are significant issues with the offer in terms of several key issues for Together members:  


The offer is for 2.5% per year for the next three years, but this does not tell the full story. The offer won't really give everyone a 2.5% increase.

Your current expired agreement says that you can't be paid less than the award rate, and since September 2018 the award rate has been higher than the agreement for all Tutors. The government says that a 2.5% increase is applied against your old EB schedule rate, and not your current rate of pay. Under that interpretation of wages policy Tutors will receive less than 2.5% in the first year compared to your current rate of pay. And with the award rate due to be reviewed again in September, this could be even worse in the second and third years. This is the same issue that has meant that members in Child Safety, Education and other government departments have chosen to go to arbitration and have the Industrial Commission set their wages and conditions.

School Teachers were offered 2.5% on their current rate of pay, a $1250 sign on bonus, and at some pay levels significant additional remuneration through reclassifications or other one of payments.

Gender pay equity

There is nothing in this offer to address Gender Pay Equity.

School Teachers were offered the following to address these issues:

  • incorporate annual salary progression for those in part-time positions regardless of fraction.
  • redefine parental leave (the old maternity leave) to primary care giver leave so that relevant entitlements are accessible to the primary care-giver regardless of gender or relationship status.
  • the development of a joint statement to contain the current arrangement and access to extended special leave for family purposes (currently 7 years unpaid leave) to ensure it is contained in an industrial agreement.

Industrial Action

Tuesday 30 July from 10:00am to 12:00pm is confirmed as the date to take industrial action along with our QTU colleagues. We will provide more information as soon as we can about gathering points for members on this day who are joining the action.

Please email with questions and feedback about the offer and industrial action on Tuesday.

1800 177 244