Posted on September 9, 2019

Late on Friday we received this letter from then Director General Michael Walsh.

Clearly your threatened industrial action has paid off and forced an offer! Well done!

The letter includes several dot points relevant to claims union members have made, but there are obviously some significant items missing.

As an example, the offer does not include a sign-on bonus of $1,250 that has been offered to other public servants this year.

Similarly, the offer is silent on a range of crucial issues important to members such as temporary to permanent and casual to permanent conversion processes, allowances for workers in remote areas and other issues.

As the letter outlines there are negotiations happening tomorrow, Tuesday 10th September.  We will use this meeting to ask targeted questions to better understand what is actually included, and to let them know what is missing.

At this stage all our meetings and action will remain in place for Wednesday – these will either now form report back meetings or be key places for us to demonstrate concerns about outstanding issues.

As a reminder of where all the meetings are on Wednesday see here.

We will keep members updated and your negotiating delegates will keep you updated as well.

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