Offer documents received

Posted on November 29, 2016

Yesterday afternoon we received a new offer from the government to settle the EB9 and HPDO collective agreements.

On the basis of this new offer coming through, your delegates voted to suspend the rally outside Parliament House that we were planning to hold today (and all other industrial action) while members consider the new offer.

We do have questions of clarification about the offer, including when the pay rise will come into effect and what the detail of some key clauses would be. As soon as we receive further detail we will send it out to you so that you can consider it.

Right now I am meeting with Minister Grace - the Industrial Relations Minister - along with delegates Maria Tapim, Chris Fox, Owanna Francisca and Zaida Variava - to discuss some of our key questions about the new offer.

Here are the offer documents sent by the DG this afternoon:

Over the past two months you and your fellow Together members have lodged over 140 protected action ballots and thousands of members have voted to take action, held rallies, stop works and forced the government to pay attention. As Together members you have forced a new offer. You have made a big difference - particularly on the issue of job security in this new offer. 

I look forward to your feedback. We will be holding meetings for members to discuss the offer in coming weeks and releasing more information as we have it.

Well done to everyone who took part in a rally or stop work action last week or who had committed to come along yesterday.

I'm sure you'll have questions or comments on the details – you can email or feed that information back to your local delegate. Delegates will be considering the offer in more detail next week and passing on further clarification as we have it.

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