Nurse Navigator Program - Update

Posted on August 19, 2015

On 5 August, we wrote to each of the HHSes and the DG outlining Together members' concerns about the introduction of a Navigator Program that is solely operated by nursing staff. We requested the HHSes support the inclusion of allied health staff positions in the Navigator program and to ensure there was no loss of allied health roles associated with the introduction of Nurse Navigators.

We have received a response from the following HHSes:

  1. West Moreton HHS
  2. Torres and Cape HHS
  3. South West HHS
  4. Darling Downs HHS
  5. North West HHS
  6. Mackay HHS
  7. Sunshine Coast HHS
  8. Children's Health QLD HHS
  9. Metro South HHS
  10. Townsville HHS
  11. Wide Bay HHS
  12. Gold Coast HHS

You can click the links to view the response for each HHS.

We are awaiting responses from:

  1. Health Director General
  2. Metro North HHS
  3. Central Queensland HHS
  4. Central West HHS
  5. Cairns HHS

You will see from the letters that there is a lot of similarity in the approach; however, some HHSs have specifically reinforced their understanding that this new program will not affect the current allocation of allied health staff. This is great to see and an important commitment to your ongoing job security and career path.

None of the HHSs have provided us with details of their submission to the department or specifics on how they see this program fitting into their current health services as yet, so we will continue to follow that up locally through our delegates.

You will notice each letter refers to the regional consultative group forum this Thursday 20 August. Kate Flanders from our union office will be attending this meeting where further detail on this program will be provided. Kate will then be able to report back after Thursday.

Members need to decide: Where to from here? Consider the response of your HHS and if there needs to be further pressure applied locally to secure the commitments you want to ongoing funding for allied health and a seat at the table in new programs. When Together members take action you make change.

Your steering committee will be meeting Monday evening next to talk about where to from here based on members' feedback. If you are prepared to meet with your local HHS, sign a petition and/or have other suggestions for collective action please contact me by lunchtime next Monday 24 August.

Any questions please email me at

1800 177 244