"No intent" to remove entitlements? Update on negotiations with Queensland Health

Posted on June 20, 2019

Today, Together HPDOCA delegates and I met with Queensland Health and other unions to negotiate claims in your new agreement. 

Although they said there is "no intent" to remove or reduce entitlements, we've already seen last week that the Department of Health moved to cut vast amounts of conditions out of the EB10 agreement, conditions which are shared by members who are covered by the HPDO2 agreement. You can view these cuts to entitlements here - struck out in red in the EB10 document. You can view our summary of the cuts here.

These reductions in entitlements include provisions relating to: contracting out, consultation rights, temporary to permanent conversion, and a wide range of other entitlements which are currently protected in both agreements.

While the Department says it's "not their intention at this stage" to reduce conditions, in the EB10 negotiations their intent is clear in the cuts already put forward to these common clauses, contained in both agreements. The Department of Health would not put a position today, to us, to rule out the same cuts that are contained in the EB10 Department of Health document.

As a union, today we argued our claims regarding employment security, contracting out, and maintenance of entitlements. Queensland Health do not have a position for us in relation to any of these claims at this stage.

Any possibility of cuts to conditions is very serious. We all need to stand up to protect our rights! Everybody needs to join the union to stop a future agreement taking away any of our rights.

The next meeting is scheduled to cover:

  • Workloads and safe staffing
    • Adequate clinical staffing
    • Relief Pool
    • Roster Patterns
    • Backfill
    • Paid Meal Breaks
    • Digital Recall
    • Social work treatment rooms and psychology or counselling treatment rooms
    • Appropriate treatment spaces and work spaces (e.g. Speech Pathology)
    • (Clauses 23.1-23.1.3) Safe Workspaces

If you have any stories or information that you think can help us to make the case around these claims, please email this through to health@together.org.au. Your stories so far have been really useful for the claims we've put forward today, so please keep sending these in.

To win your claims and to protect your conditions in this agreement we all need to be in the union, and we need to prepare to campaign together. Talk to your colleagues and ask them to join Together online so they can help stand up for our rights in this EB.

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