No Deal on Slaters’ Dud Pay Offer

Posted on May 4, 2021

Last week, Slater & Gordon management sent a misleading email to all staff regarding the status of negotiations for the enterprise agreement. Management have claimed that various items have been ‘agreed in principle’.

The ASU is extremely disappointed that management took this step. The email to staff is misleading about the status of the negotiations and management’s claim that staff will receive a ‘real wage increase’. The ASU and your delegates were only given 20 minutes to consider the offer.

Despite months of negotiations by the ASU and your hardworking Slater + Gordon delegates, the facts are that:

  • We are not even close to an agreement with Slater + Gordon because management have rejected many of our Members’ reasonable claims for better pay and conditions;
  • The wage increases proposed by Slater + Gordon Law Clerks and Support Staff won’t even match CPI over the next 3 years; 
  • Management is proposing a new salary structure which will cut thousands of dollars at the top end of staff pay bands, meaning real wage decreases into the future; and
  • Management is proposing to remove your entitlement to a guaranteed pay increase when you receive a promotion.

This is not acceptable. Particularly when Slater + Gordon continue to spend big on executive salaries and consultants’ fees. It’s time for fair pay for hardworking staff.

Our next negotiation meeting is scheduled on Thursday, 6 May 2021 – the ASU and your Slater + Gordon delegates will then have a real opportunity to consider management’s offer in greater detail and continue to raise matters that have not yet been addressed or finalised. The ASU will organise a members’ meeting after the negotiation meeting to hear your feedback.

Now is the time to share this email with your colleagues and encourage them to join their union. We need to put pressure on Slater + Gordon for a fair pay deal.

There is strength in numbers, and we have a better chance to secure a good deal for staff if we have more members we have at Slater & Gordon.

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