News Flash – EB Ballot Count Mater Health Services - Administrative & Operational Employees Agreement 2012

Posted September 14, 2012 by Alex Scott

The Mater  Agreement went out to ballot and was closed on the 7th September 2012. Votes were tallied that same day with an overwhelming 'YES' vote by 98% of voters. It is also important to note that almost 900 staff voted which was a tremendous effort of staff that had their say. The agreement will now be taken to Fair Work Australia for approval within 14 days.

Once the funding is received by Qld Health and approval received by Fair Work Australia, the Mater will enter the new pay rates for employees. The back pay owed from September 2011 will also be paid to all Mater employees covered by this Agreement. We will contact members with this information once it is received. 

Together wants to thank our members for the overwhelming support over the negotiations of your Mater Health Services - Administrative & Operational Employees Agreement 2012. It has only been through your support that we have solved the issues arising from Qld Health funding and the content of your new agreement.

It is also an important to recognise the tireless efforts by your Delegates Zoé Kennedy, Shannon Brierley and Hayley Moore as your workplace delegates that participated in the negotiations. They have advocated on behalf of members and secured some great wins in your collective agreement for the next three years. 

Now that the agreement has been voted 'Yes' by the majority of Mater staff it's time for us to work together to ensure the clauses we fought so hard for and secured are acted upon.  As Zoé spoke about in the EBA members meetings, we (Together) are hoping to form a number of working groups that will help to ensure Mater follows through with their promise to review these particular areas.

The Working Groups will be for:

  • Review of Work life Balance Initiatives
  • Review of Human Resource Policies
  • Review the Administrative Relief Pools
  • Review of Temporary Staff members employed for more than 12 months
  • Review of Performance and Development Process

We encourage all of you to nominate to be part of these working groups, as without your help now we won't be able to ensure these items are actioned and strengthened before the next negotiation hits us!  It's important that members have a say about these workplace issues, remember these wins in your agreement are only worthwhile if members have a say about their conditions at work! Please contact Zoé Kennedy by email on to nominate for a working group - we know there was already some interest from the EB meetings, and look forward to receiving your emails.

Please note there will now be standing agenda items at the Mater Consultative Forum each month to discuss Workload Management and your Collection Agreement Implementation. If you have any queries, please ensure you discuss the specifics with your Mater Delegates. 

We Stand Together United!


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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