News and the future of LCCH

Posted on August 14, 2015

Today, the Minister for Health released the independent report into the problems with the Commissioning of LCCH.  He announced the findings to LCCH staff before any other stakeholders, onsite this morning during a staff forum that many of us attended. The forum included a reports from the Review Panel (Deb Picone and Mark Tucker-Evans) as well as Chief Executive Fionnagh Dougan. 

We’d like to report back to members the key take-home points from that presentation, as well as some of our initial reaction to the report itself.  We are still working through the detail contained in the 48 pages of the report, but can provide further summary once delegates and Together staff have worked through the detail. You can download the full report here.

Together members contributed a comprehensive submission to this review, which echoed the serious issues our members raised throughout commissioning and since the opening of LCCH. The Panel thanked the staff for their frankness and honest feedback. You have been heard.

This report vindicates the experience of staff and the views that Together members have been putting to the HHS and the Minister, that the hospital was opened before it was ready and that opening it early has created significant and ongoing issues as well as burden for staff. 

The panel have identified that while the move day was ‘safe’, there was an unacceptable level of risk at the time of opening.   They have indicated that this level of risk should have been of concern to those involved in the decision to continue with the opening on 29 November.

Importantly the Review has commended the commitment and dedication of staff of LCCH, and acknowledges the pressure that staff were under during this period.  We know that it has been the extraordinary dedication of staff that has ensured the hospital able to deliver high quality care to children despite the underlying problems.

At this morning’s presentation, Chief Executive Fionnagh Dougan apologised to staff for distress due to the opening of the hospital and acknowledged ongoing operational concerns.

The Health Minister has accepted the 23 recommendations of the report, and our Chief Executive has also committed to implementing the recommendations. Many of the recommendations relate to future commissioning processes, however we will work to identify those recommendations that directly relate to the ongoing operational issues.

From here, Together will work through the detail of these recommendations.  We will be looking for opportunities to bring forward more of the current concerns to be resolved, to ensure that this review is used to make positive change to the ongoing operations at LCCH.  

We encourage you to contact your delegates or organiser if you would like to discuss the report, or talk about how we can bring forward ongoing concerns about your area.

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