New Together Organiser appointed to Cairns Office

Posted on April 28, 2021

Matt Smith has been appointed to the permanent position of Cairns Organiser for Together. Matt will start in the Cairns office this week.

Following the tragic loss of Deb Pearson the position of Cairns organiser has been performed by Steven Tresidder.  Steve will continue on in the Cairns office in the capacity as a temporary industrial officer. This will allow him to continue to represent a number of individual members as well as provide for a smooth hand over of the organising work. I want to thank Steven for stepping up and in to the organising role at a difficult time and for continuing his industrial work with Together.  

Matt will be co-ordinating workplace visits in the next couple of weeks starting with members in Queensland Health and schools in conjunction with our current ‘schools blitz’ across the state and pressing matters in Queensland Health. 

Together will be putting more resources into organising members in Corrections while we await the decision of the Industrial Court on the 12/12 dispute.

Together will also be creating a Cairns based Workplace Organising Committee to build our strength in the Core public service departments in Cairns. More details about this Committee will be coming out later this week.

Matt will be using the new email so we can ensure that members can still get access to timely and accurate industrial advice and representation while Matt is visiting as many members and delegates in the workplace as possible.

1800 177 244