Negotiations for your next Collective Agreement are underway

Posted on February 4, 2016

I’m a delegate from Woodford and am part of the team negotiating for a new Collective Agreement to replace our current one which expires on 31 March this year.

Late last year I was one of the 39 delegates from around the State that came together in a Custodial Corrections Delegates Conference to develop our Log of Claims. That Log of Claims was then endorsed at members meetings at Centres. You can find a copy of that endorsed Log of Claims here.

Negotiations have now started and with me as part of the negotiating team we elected at the Delegates Conference are John Stack from Lotus Glen, Adrian Burke from TCC, Mark Weber from Capricornia, Shannon Richards from MCC, Darryl McNamara from  BCC, Peter Clark from Wolston, Scott Mawhinney from ESB and Michael Thomas, the Director of Industrial Services from the union office.

While it’s early days, it’s clear that QCS isn’t going to just say yes to everything we would like. You can see a copy of the initial response here.

It’s important to note that QCS haven’t simply said no and many of the items that they have said are not agreed have been the subject of genuine negotiations. At the two meetings so far we have had robust discussions around many of the key issues, especially around fixing the classification structure and the Cert IV requirements and restoring the top up of workers compensation to 100%. We’ll be reporting back each week on how negotiations are going and if you have any queries you can email, contact members of the negotiating team, or the delegates on the wider steering committee listed below:

  • Dave McInnes,
  • Ron Wadforth,
  • Geoff Jensen,
  • Tobin Price,
  • Tim Ryan,
  • Sean Harvey,
  • Scott Rieson,
  • Jay Boal,
  • Darryl Gleich,
  • Barry Millwood,
  • Lee Shore, and
  • John Wilson.

One of the questions I have been asked is why did we not claim for more money than the we did.

There was a lot of discussion at the Conference on this and there were certainly people arguing to have a higher ambit claim. In the end it was decided that the reality was that it would be really difficult to move the Government wages policy, especially since it had already been applied across Government to the Core, Nurses and other parts of Health, so rather than putting in an ambit claim that we drop through the negotiations, we should focus our efforts on claims like fixing the classification structure once and for all.

We’ve made sure the Government representatives know why our wage claim is what is and that we are serious about getting resolution on our other key issues. We’ll see if they come to the table but if there is one thing I am  sure of, it’s if the Department doesn’t take us seriously we are willing to fight for a fair deal!

You should also talk to your colleagues about joining your union. To resolve these negotiations and secure a strong agreement in the next couple of months, we need to make sure that we have a strong union presence in every Centre, with members being prepared to take action.

We'll update you on the progress of negotiations at each step.

Jason Hunt - Together Delegate - Woodford CC

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