Kerry's Story

Posted on November 8, 2017

Hi, I’m Kerry, a Together delegate at TUH. We have just successfully negotiated a new Collective Agreement and I know firsthand how being part of a strong union helps achieve great outcomes.

Initially, TUH offered us a 2.1% pay rise while wanting to introduce a new classification structure that would have meant new staff started on much lower rates than we all did when we started. Through negotiations, union members were able to shift this to 2.3%. Then members really stepped up their activities and their conversations with their colleagues about why it is so important that more people get involved in the campaign around the classification structure and that everyone should stick together (after all there is safety, strength and power in numbers!) To really show TUH how important wage parity with other businesses in the sector is, members held meetings with their colleagues to discuss the issues and raise their concerns. The number of my colleagues who joined the union really increased our power to demand better.

As a result our members were able to push TUH to an improved pay offer of 2.5% per year over three years and were able to achieve massive improvements to the classification structure; providing greater opportunities both in pay and job satisfaction for the future. Having the union office involved meant we had the support of organisers to help us grow our power and an experienced negotiator at the table to match the lawyer that the Company had brought to do their negotiations. It really made a difference!

Kerry Celledoni


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