Negotiations for your new TUH agreement have commenced

Posted on February 18, 2020

On Thursday, 13 February your Union met with TUH management to commence negotiations for a replacement agreement to The Queensland Teachers union Health Fund – Enterprise Agreement 2017 - 2020.

The parties exchanged and briefly discussed their log of claims - LOC (Together LOCemployee representatives LOC and TUH LOC) which you can see by clicking on the links.

We learnt from the meeting that TUH management are seeking to lower your conditions by:

  • Removing your paid uniform allowance! This is a reduction of up to $1800 over 3 years for those employees who wear the TUH uniform
  • Reducing your long service leave entitlements to about half of what you currently accrue, equating to a 1.2% per year financial loss relative to wages
  • Offering 1.5% per year wage increase! However, if you accept the reduction in long service leave entitlements and removal of the uniform allowance, TUH will give an extra 0.5% wage increase.

The long term cost of removing such conditions equals far more than the extra 0.5% annual wage increase. The financial loss over 3 years would be equivalent to 1.2% wages per year in long service leave and, for some, the loss of the $1,800 uniform allowance. The numbers simply do not add up for members!

We are shocked and disappointed with TUH’s offer and are seeking members initial views on this.

We are going to need to be a strong group of workers united by the things that matter to us the most if we are going to stop TUH from making such drastic and negative cuts to our wages and conditions. This means we need to discuss these matters, be prepared to be active and ask our colleagues to join us as members.  

Your Together bargaining representatives will be holding a bargaining meeting from 10.00 am to 10.30 am on Tuesday, 25 February in the Brasch Room to discuss the TUH Log of Claims. We encourage all members to attend.

Alternatively, please provide any feedback you have prior to the next bargaining meeting which is scheduled for Thursday, 27 February by contacting your delegates Kylee Collicoat, Joanne Taylor or by emailing your Union Office

1800 177 244