NDIS Workshop Reportback

Posted on May 1, 2015

NDIS in Qld 

The Department confirmed that the NDIS will be progressively rolled out in Queensland between 1/7/2016 until 1/7/2019 and that this is estimated to lead to an expansion in the workforce in our sector of approximately 13000 new jobs. We know that the vast majority of these roles are going to be in the non-government sector with some new roles in the Commonwealth Public Service. This is obviously a concern for Together members and an issue we need to continue to address with the Department and the Government. The Employment Security Policy released recently by the Government is a good start to protect rights for disability services workers employed by the Department. 

NDIS Readiness

The Department also provided an update on 'NDIS Readiness' advising that the government will continue to deliver services prior to and during the transition process. The bilateral negotiations between the State and Commonwealth are well progressed and expected to be finalised by August 2015. The Transitional Operational Plan is also being finalised with the Commonwealth Government which is focussed on practical implementation of transitioning to the NDIS and sets out who does what. The bulk of the money under NDIS will be in the NGO sector.

A Queensland NDIS Workforce Strategy is being developed to:

  • Engage potential workers
  • Skill new/existing workers  to build capability
  • Connect people to jobs and maximise the use of the workforce 

As union members we will need to keep fighting to maximise the services provided by the Government and for the rights and entitlements of employees in the NDIS.  

The Department will also review state legislation to consider the changes that are needed to support implementation. Forensic Disability, Mental Health and Dual disability services have not been worked through by NDIA and the Department is hoping that it will be done by September 2015. Payments are going to be made to providers retrospectively once services are provided.

See below for stream specific updates from the session:


  • High and complex clients can stay with ASRS as a Government provider.
  • DCCSDS (mostly ASRS) will become a registered provider.  They haven’t sorted this out for Clinical Services as there has been no position given by the Government that they want this to occur.
  • Move to a business model instead of a human services model.

Clinical Services

  • Range of options exist but no clarity from Government regarding whether they are suitable. This includes the possibility of Department continuing to provide clinical services and supports under DCCSDS as a registered provider.


  • Many positions aligned with NDIA and staff are well-positioned to have roles with the NDIA.


  • Will initially be employed through both NDIA and providers – will move to being outsourced to providers post transition.

Administration Services and Contract Management

  • Service delivery continues

 This session and information from the Department was a good start but there needs to be wider staff consultation and we will be following this up with the Department.

 The Government needs to decide whether or not to provide clinical services as a Government provider (such as it has with AS&RS) and we will be discussing this with the Minister next week. 

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