National Wage Case: What it means in Queensland

Posted on June 16, 2021

The National Wage Case has recently concluded. Unions secured a 2.5% increase in the national minimum wage.

This will affect workers who work in the jurisdiction of the Fair Work Act, and who are reliant on Award wages.

You can read a copy of the Fair Work Australia decision here.

Queensland state government employees, meanwhile, are part of the separate Queensland IR system.

While this national increase will not immediately affect any worker in the Queensland system, it is likely that the Queensland state wage case will have the same outcome (a 2.5% increase) later this year.

This will have no impact on workers in the Core agreement because Together members secured two 2.5% increases for the current financial year.

The 2.5% outcome in the national minimum wage will increase the pressure on the Queensland state government to deliver a wages outcome for Queensland custodial corrections officers.

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