My story and the story of so many others

Posted on January 8, 2015

In 2013, I was made redundant by Campbell Newman and his LNP government. As you know, I wasn’t the only one. Services were slashed, profits were prioritised over patient care, and thousands of experienced and hard-working Queensland Health staff were sacked.

I am worried about my patients, my colleagues and the health system I worked so hard for.

You can hear my story here.

For you, the struggle continues. Many of you have expressed that morale is at an all-time low. Increased workloads are leading to fatigue, and without funding for training new staff, the public health system in Queensland is suffering.

In the lead-up to the election on January 31st, the LNP will be spending millions of dollars telling you what a great job they have done in health. We know this is not true. They say waiting lists are improving, when in fact we know that lists are being manipulated. 

That is why I am telling my story to remind Queenslanders of the damage Campbell Newman is inflicting on patients across the State. I know we can make an impact when we speak up directly to the community and I will be talking directly to as many Queenslanders as I can over the next 23 days.

I ask you to listen to my experiences of Queensland Health and other video stories in the coming weeks and to join me in reaching out to Queenslanders about health issues. 

It all starts this weekend when we will be talking to members of the community in Bardon (electorate of Mt Coot-tha) on Sunday 11 January from 10:30 am at Bowman Park. See the map here.

Email us here to say you can come along on Sunday. I know many of you have already replied toget involved in activities near you. It'd be great to be joined by other health workers like you.

This government might not be listening to health workers, but over the next three weeks workers we can be heard and share our story directly with people in our communities about how they can stand with us for the future of the public health system in Queensland.

Please share this video on Facebook and via email. Stand with me for better health for all of us. It’s time for the government to start Putting Patients First.

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