MPs voted but where is the HPDO pay rise?

Posted on June 12, 2015

Last week we had a great victory – the Parliament changed the law to give you back your rights at work and make the system fairer.

But now we need to see some real action for you on your long-awaited wage rise and the conditions we need improved for HPs and DOs.

It’s been 2 years of interrupted negotiations and while we are all a lot happier with the new law after the election we also want a fair go now in the workplace and we need to see some change.

Here's a reminder of what the new government have promised to roll out for HPs and Dos to settle our claims for a fairer workplace to date: CLICK HERE.

So what we need now is the wages component and we need to see it implemented.

Click HERE to sign a petition to the Health Minister to ask for urgent action on making real change happen for you as health workers.

We don’t want to see another end of financial year come around without backpay and a payrise and an improvement to your conditions.

Sign the petition today and make sure you tell your friends.

We keep meeting with the Health management but without some real action we’ll need to remind the new Government just how loud our voices can be.

Congratulations to everyone who has got us to this point – remember to ask your colleagues who haven’t joined you as members to join today. Without you none of these proposed improvements would have happened and they still won't happen if we aren’t a strong and active union

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