Morrison’s proposed IR law changes are bad for workers

In December 2020, the Morrison Government introduced proposed workplace law changes that will allow employers to cut wages and remove conditions from workers.

Union members are opposed to this bill on the basis that it is bad for workers, bad for workers’ conditions, and bad for the economy.

As it stands now, even after recent government amendments, the Bill will still:

• Reduce the Fair Work Commission’s role in ensuring workers are better off

• Allow employers to push through dodgy workplace agreements that cut pay

• Allow workers to be classed as casuals even when they have ongoing, regular hours.

• Turn part-time workers into casuals

• Hand multinational corporations the power to dictate wages and working conditions for workers on construction sites

• Undermine existing Queensland laws that crack down on wage and superannuation theft.

After pressure from union members, the government removed some of the provisions that stopped the operation of the "Better Off Overall Test". However, the Bill still contains many provisions that weaken the BOOT and allow employers to force staff onto inferior conditions.

Independent think tank Per Capita has produced a submission to the Senate inquiry. You can read more detail about the bill and the way it affects workers’ pay, particularly part-time workers, here.

Currently, the bill is the subject of a Senate inquiry and workers are giving evidence on the effect these law changes would have on their well being. Recently Townsville workers held a rally to oppose the bill.

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