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Posted on October 18, 2016

On Thursday we emailed you to say that the status quo would remain in place in terms of staffing numbers within eHealth until we can resolve our dispute about management refusing to fill vacancies as required by your industrial agreement.

Yesterday there was some confusion about what maintaining the “status quo” means and I understand that members have been concerned about the content of emails they have received from management.

Once again we have intervened with Queensland Health and there has now been a written commitment that any current temporary employee contracts expiring between today and January 2017 will be extended until 31 January 2017 (this excludes temporary employees engaged directly to undertake fee for service work as this work must be fully recoverable).

This is a great outcome and ensures no disadvantage to staff as we seek for the employer to abide by their obligations under the industrial agreement and government policy.

What this whole mess demonstrates is that we need the government to agree to provide better employment security for temporary workers and members on higher duties.

Member protest meetings in the last few weeks have increased the pressure on Queensland Health in EB9 negotiations but have not yet shifted the position of health’s negotiators.

We need to be able to escalate our activity towards industrial action next month if we need it. To do this we need to have all of our EB9 Protected Action Ballot applications in – can you talk to your colleagues today about lodging a PAB and fill in the form online here to get the process started.

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