More job cuts to come

Posted on January 23, 2015

We all know that whatever he says, a re-elected Newman LNP government will implement more public service job cuts.

Watch our ad online here.

We also know that the election will be close. A handful of seats will decide the outcome. We still have a chance to influence the outcome positively and stop yet another round of destructive, nightmarish public sector job cuts.

In the final week of this state election campaign, we are focusing on the impact of public sector job cuts: those that came in 2012, and those that we know will come in 2015 under a re-elected Newman LNP government, a government that will have billions of dollars of election promises to fund and no way to fund them other than more cuts and privatisation.

Campbell Newman lied and lied again in 2012 about his plans for the public sector. We can't trust anything he says now – but we can highlight his record.

Click here to watch our union ad on jobs that will be appearing on TV screens in the next week.

We already know about the government’s plans to introduce "contestability" or "outsourcing", aka privatisation, to large areas of the public service – Corrections, Health, Housing, school support staff, Disability Services, CITEC. All of this was accepted by the government from the Costello commission of audit report and is slated for implementation.

If you know of any plans that have been spoken about to implement job cuts or privatisation in your area, please get in touch with me by emailing We need to be highlighting these plans in the media in the final week of the election campaign.

Please watch and share our ad, and volunteer to assist in the campaign if you haven’t already.

There is still a chance we can avoid the horror outcome of more job cuts, but only if we spread a strong message.

PS. The next three days are our biggest and best opportunity to influence undecided voters via doorknocking. Please sign up to participate if you can.

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