MOCA5 update – Together members achieve breakthrough in finalising draft agreement

Posted on March 1, 2019

This is an important update regarding your new MOCA5 wages and conditions. The drafting of new clauses for the MOCA5 agreement has been finalised this week. We’re a critical step closer to certification of your agreement and for you to receive your new conditions and pay rise (including back pay to 1 July 2018).

After reaching in-principle agreement with the Director General of Health (confirmed 22 October 2018), your Together doctors have been working with all parties to write the agreed commitments into the new MOCA5 draft Agreement. There have been highly contentious issues that have arisen during these drafting meetings which have caused delays for finalising the draft, and has led to hard fought argument between parties.

The most significant of these disputed clauses has been the new digital recall clause, which was a claim by both Together and ASMOFQ. This is a brand new provision which will change the nature of recall while on call and how payment is made for that recall.

As recently as 13 February, Queensland Health pushed for changes which would have weakened these provisions from what had already been drafted. These wording changes the Department were seeking were also not in line with the offer that had been made by the Director General and ultimately agreed with all parties. 

With a coordinated effort between both unions, we were able to ensure that the Department agreed to our Unions’ draft wording for this clause. The wording we eventually won ensures that there is a fair digital recall clause that delivers for doctors and patients, as well dealing with current and future issues regarding use of technology and digital records during on-call arrangements.

This is a significant win for Together medical officers which will sit alongside other key improvements in conditions when MOCA5 is certified.

Click here to view the final draft of this clause.

Congratulations to all members who contributed to and assisted with getting significant improvements to SMO and RMO conditions during the last year of bargaining and drafting. We are pleased this is drawing to a close so that you will receive the benefits of that hard work.

We will update members as we progress through the ballot and certification process. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or contact one of your Together doctors representatives.

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