MOCA5 update - 5 weeks of negotiations left

Posted on June 6, 2018

We are now only 5 weeks from the expiry of our current MOCA4 agreement. Your Together Doctors representatives have been working hard while we negotiate our way through your claim items for MOCA5. We've already gained ground on improvements to the current agreement, and have taken forward a highly detailed log of claim items.

At our last meeting we presented the need to strengthen a range of conditions for members including:

  • Requirements to consult with doctors about clinical and industrial issues.
  • Organisational change and restructure provisions
  • Employment security including no forced retrenchments
  • Protection of current policies
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • Preventing use of pre-employment screening (to address issues of HHSs trying to illegally compel medical information about employees before appointment to roles).
  • Digital recall - work performed at home while on call.

What's coming up?

Most of our members' claims have been presented to the department, including the majority of the non-cost items.  We’ve asked for a response to these claims before the next meeting. 

The Department has advised that they will be in a better position to provide an offer regarding those items that come with a cost to the department after the budget is released on 12-15 June. 

The budget should also provide clarity regarding whether Together members' campaigning has shifted the government wages policy. This is currently set at 2.5%. Our members across the whole of the public service are campaigning to get a fair wage increase for all public service workers, which at this stage is pushing for an increase to 3.5%, as well as a more substantial increase for some of the lowest paid government workers. Members are holding ‘Wages Matter’ campaign meetings across public sector workplaces and lobbying MPs in the next fortnight ahead of the budget to keep up the pressure for better wage offers.

Upcoming meetings and preparing for an offer

The next meeting is expected on 12 June but may be delayed due to budget announcements that week. We are working out a schedule of regular and out of session meetings to work on outstanding matters for the negotiations. 

We'll also be preparing for what happens if the department’s offer is not good enough, or if they say no to including critical improvements for our members. Or what action will union members support if the department starts dragging their heels and delays providing an offer.

You can make sure you’re union is as strong as possible by staying informed and having your say in response to our upcoming survey of members. 

You can also help strengthen your negotiating position by encouraging other doctors to join their union and stand with you for better conditions for doctors and the important work you perform for the Queensland public.  Your colleagues can join together online here.

Your steering committee will update you as soon as we see progress regarding negotiations, an offer from the department, relevant changes to the state budget, or changes to government wages policy.

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