MOCA5 has been certified today

Posted on May 31, 2019

I’m pleased to announce that this afternoon, MOCA5 was officially certified at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. This puts in place your new pay and conditions that Together medical officers won during negotiations last year.

You can view a copy of your new MOCA5 agreement here.

With the agreement certified, it is now up to Department of Health to ensure that backpay is paid this financial year. 

We understand from the Department of Health that your backpay will be paid in the final pay run on 26 June. Your union has been supporting your negotiating team to try to ensure that the Department of Health fulfils the negotiated outcome and take all steps to ensure backpay occurs this financial year. It is our view that this commitment needs to be honoured and we will continue to push that this occurs.

Now that MOCA5 is in place, we will start the important work of ensuring that all our negotiated conditions are implemented. The MOCA5 Oversight Committee will start meeting from 13 June to commence this work. 

At the MOCA Oversight Committee, Together medical officers will be advocating for the full and correct implementation of the Agreement, as well as representing members’ interests in a range of reviews of employment conditions which were secured in the settlement of MOCA5. We will provide regular updates and opportunities for you to have your say during these reviews, which include:

  • Review of rural and remote entitlements
  • Review of RMO employment arrangements (including portability of entitlements between HHSs and into more senior roles).
  • Review of excessive phone calls while on-call.

It has been a long time coming since negotiations started early last year. What we have now is a substantially improved agreement that includes significant improvements to pay and allowances, improved professional development, pioneering conditions such as digital recall, and improved protections for medical officers.  

I’d like to thank all Together medical officer members for your contribution to achieving this outcome in MOCA5. We will provide further updates regarding your MOCA5 backpay in coming weeks.

In union,

Dr Sandy Donald

Together Branch Senior Vice President

1800 177 244