MOCA5: Happy Pay Day!

Posted on June 25, 2019

This week is the first pay increase for the three-year MOCA5 agreement. There is also a year's backpay! Union members won these pay increases along with better rights at work during negotiations last year.

Together Medical Officer negotiators won a backpay of your pay increase to the expiry of your last agreement – 1 July 2018. This backpay should be paid to you in the pay run this week. The Together negotiating team pushed hard to ensure that the backpay was made this financial year. We’re pleased that this is being paid in the final pay run before EOFY.

Happy pay day!

We still have more work to do during the life of the MOCA5 Agreement to implement some of your new conditions such as Digital Recall and individual 10% minimum CST, and we also need to work on gaining further improvements through reviews into rural and remote entitlements, RMO employment arrangements, and remuneration for excessive phone calls while on call.

Remind your colleagues that this pay-rise and backpay is the direct result of the work of union members in MOCA5 bargaining, and to continue to win better conditions, everyone needs to be part of our union. Forward them this email and let them know that they can join here

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