Our meeting with Minister Kate Jones

Posted on April 9, 2015

At the meeting were Together delegates Perry and Colin (Schools Officers), Linda (Administrative Officer) and Sharon (President SBMAQ) along with Kate Flanders and I from the Union Office.

Overall the meeting was very positive. The new Minister was very conscious that she wanted to meet directly with schools officers, AOs and BSMs because as she put it “you run things in schools!”

This was a very positive start.

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Obviously they are very conscious of money (aren't we all!) but we continued to press the case.

The Allocative Model Review was our main focus – and we spent most of the meeting talking about this.

We also discussed that the maintenance review from the Auditor General was linked to the poor Allocative Model – without proper funding for school support staff money will always be taken from the school grant to fund staff and that is linked to not enough money for maintenance.

We also canvassed the key issues about over work and workload and significant under-classification.

We committed to have our submission to the Minister for the Review by early May. So that means we will be continuing to ask members to get their surveys in! and continuing schools visits first week back on Term 2.

Issues were raised about Pallara State School which is relocating to a new PPP school in 2016 and also about PPP schools in general. The Minister has not yet made any determinations about future PPP schools but we pushed for no more privatization as per the government policy.

We also raised the issues of the Director General’s visit to Rockhampton and how upset Regional Office staff were when addressed by the DG.

We will be co-ordinating another visit in the near future for further discussions around the review of the allocative model and will keep members informed on these discussions.

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