The Minister Responds to our Letter

Posted October 2, 2013 by Together Queensland

In breaking news yesterday afternoon we finally received a response from the Minister to our letter that we sent in August. You were signatories to the letter so we wanted to make sure you got the response ASAP

You can read a copy of the minister's letter at this link.

The letter demonstrates our predicted response from the government - they are ignoring our real concerns and trying to distract us with ridiculous claims. At no point have members of our union supported a privatisation or outsourcing agenda. It is a complete lie to suggest this. We think you were pretty clear in the correspondence we sent!

Together members have consistently opposed privatisation and that opposition is clearly reflected in the E.B. agreements we have signed off on over the years. It is ridiculous for the Health Minister to suggest otherwise. It is true that Together members campaigned against plans to cut health services in 2009. The Fight for Jobs campaign had the same message at the heart of it that we have always has as a union. Four years has not stopped our consistent message - job cuts and cuts to services are not ok. No matter what type of Government you are.

The Health Minister has not addressed the very real concerns of Together members detailed in the correspondence sent more than a month ago.

That's ok - we are now going to kick our campaign to protect your jobs and the services you deliver up a gear.

Pathology delegates across the state met yesterday and a new action plan is underway.

The first part of that plan will be a union solidarity day using stickers or some other badging at work in the week beginning 14 October. It is important to demonstrate to each other in every site across the state that we are all ready to fight privatisation and we are here for each other as members. That's step one.

We are in the process of identifying exact dates and delegates are coming up with key messages - we will have more on that next week.

If your lab was not represented on the teleconference yesterday you can be next time! Let us know who the best contact is and send their details to We will be having another delegates teleconference next week to finalise the rest of the steps we can take now we have this response.

We have a dialogue open with the Minister now - so we're going to prove just how much we mean what we say.

We are stronger together and we know - pathology services are not for sale.

P.S - It's been great hearing from Health workers at meeting's over the last few days demonstrating a clear commitment to fight for quality health services and their patients. You can help keep it going by printing off our membership form and asking a colleague of yours to join you today.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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