Metro South Health - Community and Primary Health Services Admin Re-Alignment

Posted September 5, 2013 by Together Queensland

Thank you for providing feedback in relation to the restructure of administrative functions within Community and Primary Health Services in Metro South Health. The feedback from members was sent to the Metro South Reform Team for consideration and their response. Today Together has received the amended implementation plan from the Metro South Reform Team. We have attached this for you.

Are you happy with the final implementation plan out from Metro South Reform Team? If not, we would like to hear what specific concerns you still have. Please provide this by the COB 6th September 2013.

Industrially we cannot force them to address your concerns, but collectively if you stand together and get active you are in far better stead of having those concerns addressed. It's important to ensure that we are a strong union so we can influence the decisions around this restructure and win. In our experience there are 3 things that make the Union strong in your workplace:

  • All the workers are members of their Union
  • Members openly support each other
  • Good communication networks in the workplace about developments with the issues

It is only through a strong and united front that your Together Delegates can influence Qld Health management from a position of strength. We therefore encourage any non-members to join. If you have a colleague that is not yet a member but is also concerned about the restructure, encourage them to get on board and complete the attached membership form.

It is also important to ensure that we have contacts step up at each site to assist us with communicating with our members - if you are not yet a contact and would like to be for your site please reply to this email and we can add you to our "contacts list".


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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