Medical Physicists review: correspondence from the Director-General

Posted on December 14, 2018

For your consideration I am writing to provide you with a copy of the recent correspondence to Together from the Director General in relation to the Medical Physicists Review.

Please click here to read this correspondence from the Director General.

The DG's letter is in response to this correspondence on behalf of Together medical physicists, following meetings to address outcomes from the Medical Physicists Review.

Together members are continuing to seek that these important pay-related attraction and retention issues are addressed for all medical physicists, and to ensure that safety and quality isn't compromised as a result. We have also been discussing the possible next steps with your steering committee and with contacts from across the various medical physics workplaces.

At this stage we want to ensure that you and the other members are aware of the latest in the ongoing efforts of your Together medical physicist representatives to secure the right response to those issues highlighted throughout the Medical Physicists Review and report.

If you would like to have your say regarding the recent response by the Director General, have any questions, or to nominate as a contact for your site please contact me on email We will update you with upcoming developments or regarding next steps.

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