Medical Officers: Wages and ED25

Posted on August 26, 2019


Alex Scott, on behalf of Together Medical Officers has written to the Director General to seek the application of the new government wages policy to Medical Officers, as offered to the Teachers in their recent enterprise bargaining negotiations. The Teachers received 2.5% plus a $1250 "sign-on" bonus. 

During negotiations for our MOCA5 Agreement last year, our members won a wages clause in the EB which ensures that our members will also receive any increases associated with a change in government wages policy.  

We have therefore sought for this $1250 one-off payment to be applied to our Medical Officers in line with the MOCA5 wages clause.

As well as seeking that the wages policy is applied to Medical Officers, our Together members in both HP and EB10 agreements are currently bargaining. They are also seeking that the government provide them with the same offer that the Teachers received. But so far we have been told government will only provide 2.5% without the sign-on bonus. 

It's important that government commits to applying the wages policy consistently including to all Health workers. That is why our EB10 and HPDO members are preparing for a day of action in early September – to stand up for a fairer wages offer to be provided to all Health workers. When the date is known we will be encouraging all Together Medical Officers to show their support for this day of action and to help ensure that the current $1250 sign-on bonus is applied both to Medical Officers as well as to the wage offers for EB10 and HPDO members.


Together has also written to the Director General to ask for ED25 to be applied across other Emergency Departments in line with the recent QIRC decision regarding ED25 at Beaudesert Hospital Emergency Department. We have raised the issue also with Department of Health who have confirmed that they are working with us to ensure the rollout of ED25 to other Emergency Departments. The complete list of Emergency Departments where this will be applied is yet to be confirmed. We will also be working to get written agreement as to how this is applied.

We will update you in relation to both matters as we make progress to secure these important pay improvements for our members.

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